14th October 21 – No excuses

Dragging my ass to the gym on the regular is tough, and going for a run is even tougher. As humans, we innately want to conserve energy – this kept us alive thousands of years ago. But in today’s (western) world where food is plentiful, and we are largely sedentary, we need to overcome that inbuilt barrier.

Yesterday in the gym, as I sat on the bench having completed a set of barbell chest presses, I was moved emotionally.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a young man with cerebral palsy making his way through the gym. I felt a deep sense of gratitude that I’d won the birth lottery, being born with no disability. After all, that’s all it is, luck!

I also felt an overwhelming feeling of inspiration! I really do have no excuses for not maximising every ounce of bodily potential. For this man, the process of simply getting to the gym must be more challenging than most peoples workout: getting out of bed, getting changed, driving, getting out of the car… not to mention the mental battle.


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