16th Oct 21 – Forget the destination

Yes, the destination might seem great, but what about the process required to get there? If that doesn’t seem so fun, is it worth it?

The first example that comes to mind is a buying a puppy.

Sure, the photos on Instagram will be great, and of undoubtedly there’s nothing better than being greeted at the door by a dog wagging its tail.

But what about:

  • walking the dog on a cold and wet morning before work
  • coming home at lunch to walk the dog
  • walking the dog on dark and cold evenings
  • paying for pet insurance
  • paying for any vets bills

If after all that’s been considered, it still seems like a good idea – get the dog.

So many of us – myself included – are excited by the destination. But often we fail to consider what it takes to get there, and then once on the path, we drop out! From now on, before I dive in, I’ll consider the process as well as the destination.

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