21st Oct 21 – An introvert solo travelling

Make no doubt about it, I like my own space and I’d put myself more in the introvert camp than the extrovert. So, when my girlfriend suggested that instead of looking to Google for my next restaurant recommendation, I speak to fellow guests at the hostel and join them, I felt uneasy. 

It’s just not natural for me – it’s outside my comfort zone. As such, when I returned to my dorm room yesterday evening, it was to look through Google for places to go, not to ask my fellow guests where they were off to.

However, after chatting briefly with two other guests staying in my dorm, they asked if I wanted to join them for dinner. I accepted! 

For forward a few hours, and I was delighted I did! We had a great conversation, I learnt a lot about a lot of things, and it felt amazing to be asked! This experience has taught me so much.

Admittedly, if I was with my friends at a hostel, it’s unlikely I would ask others – I’m not rude, but for some reason it’s just not my ‘go to’. However, after experiencing yesterday, this has to be the ‘go to’.

When the shoe (or in my case, sandals) is on the other foot, it feels so nice to be asked – and that’s the perspective I need to remember.

That was yesterday … today I visited Ronda (about a 2 hour bus ride from Malaga). That’s me photobombing the incredible Puente Nuevo.

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