25th Oct 21 – Travelling solo whilst in a relationship

To some it may seem strange that I’m travelling alone whilst my girlfriend is at home, and I can understand why some people have that perspective. So, i thought I’d share my thoughts …

I’ve never travelled solo, and felt that it would be a character building experience, pushing me outside my comfort zone with only myself to look at for the answers. It would be far too easy to rock up to a hostel with your partner and just do your own thing.

Rock up alone, and it’s either be lonely or get involved!

“The inner journey of travel is intensified by solitude.”

Paul Theroux

It’s a good test of trust in a relationship, and what you want for each other. It is a testament to my girlfriend that she fully supported this solo trip, and if anything, has pushed me into uncomfortable situations from afar. She has encouraged me to get involved with people from the hostel. 

It’s an opportunity to be selfish, and do what’s best for you. I know this sounds terrible, but I think it’s important in relationships to take time away to do something for you and only you. Out here, I’m just thinking about what I want to do day in and day out – it’s effortless.

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