Oct 28th 21 – Time cannot be reversed

My time on the island of La Gomera is up tomorrow, as I head back to Tenerife for some surfing.

It took me a long time to change my focus from ‘making a living’ to ‘living’. I’ve felt ‘alive’ on this trip – a stark contrast to the monotony I began to feel sitting at my desk, day in, day out.

I’ll always be able to make a living; despite some fears we have, finding a job that pays the bills (provided I live modestly) isn’t that hard. But, I won’t be young forever – or indeed healthy. 

This is hand on heart the best thing I’ve done, but if it had been a terrible experience, it would’ve still been the right decision. Why? Because I wouldn’t have spent the next decade wondering ‘what if?’

“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So is regrets.”

Marilyn Monroe

Wondering ‘what if’ is a terrible position – because time cannot be reversed. At some point you reach a place where you can’t do anything about it; is there a worse feeling than being helpless?

A few people questioned my decision, and that’s ok. But they wouldn’t have had to live with my mind and thoughts. To live with peace of mind, I need to do what I believe is right.

If there’s something you want to do, my advice would be to do it as soon as it’s practical to do so – time has stolen a lot of dreams, don’t let it steal yours!! 

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