Fitness & Health Challenge

You may be wondering what a fitness and health challenge has to do with quitting your job and trying to find fulfilling work. As I write this in December 2021, it’s been three months since I quit my job. And in that time I’ve had no routine; I’ve been stressed about financial stability, anxious about having not made progress towards finding fulfilling work. And as a result I’ve experienced a few health issues.

I know that not having routine, and the anxiety around financial stability, could lead to depression. I’ve been there before – back in 2015 – and I don’t want to go back there! I believe that the bedrock of routine, and managing stress, is exercise. By getting up in the morning and starting the day with exercise, I’m more likely to be productive during the day – as opposed to laying in my bed until midday.

And of course, when I exercise, I’m more likely to eat nutritious and healthy foods. These foods – unlike processed carbohydrates – leave me feeling energised and clear-headed. Combine all the above and the end result is far more likely to be a successful one.

Here I am as of December 2021…

But honestly – unlike in my early twenties – the aesthetics don’t bother me now. It’s feeling sluggish and unfit that motivates me, as well as the health issues I’ve experienced over the past couple of years.

For this reason, the fitness and health goals that I’m setting myself are not aesthetic, they’re fitness related. Of course the aesthetics are a bi-product of being extremely fit, and it’s by no means a bad bi-product.

Strength Goals

Current (01/12/2021)Goal
Bench Press 1.5 x BW (bodyweight) for 1 rep87.5 kg126 kg
Squat 2 x BW for 1 rep62.5 kg168 kg
Deadlift 2.5 x BW for 1 rep45 kg210 kg
Overhead Press 1 x BW for 1 rep50 kg84 kg
Pull-ups 15 reps3 reps15 reps
Plank hold for 3 mins30 seconds180 seconds

Aerobic Fitness Goals

Current (01/12/2021)Goal
12-minute Running Cooper TestTBC>2,800 m
MarathonNever accomplished< 03:50:00
12-minute Swim Test450 m> 700 m

Other Health Metrics

Current (01/12/2021)Goal
Resting Heart Rate49 bpmTBC
Weight84.9 kg< 80kg
Body Fat %19%12%